Space for Teachers, Artists,
Healers and… Farmers!

Space for Teachers, Artists, Healers and… Farmers!

The intention of creating HolyStick

is to initiate space for Teachers and Artists who, in our opinion, brings great value to this world. It is also a good place for Healers and
… Farmers (more in the Organic Farming).

The impulse that came from Dawid Rygielski

led to the initiation of the HolyStick project, to which we invite Beautiful People by creating a unique Team – Family. Each meeting expands our COMMUNITY, where we find a multitude of healing tools, resources, talents and inspirations.

HolyStick is a tool. Just like a magic wond:

the power of good intentions, experience
and the synergistic direction of our Energies, we create – by implementing various projects – an increasingly beautiful Reality!

Teachers & Artists

Steffen Ki

Sound alchemist, teacher for medicine music production and DJ. He loves to create sonic sanctuaries where people can find a deep sense of connection, peace and inspiration.

Zola Dubnikova

Bridges sacred dance, movement medicine, contemporary body science, masterful form, somatic awareness and ritual through her unique approach known as the “Holistic Dance Language.”


Radharani pairs the technology of Breathwork with her music to deepen the effectiveness of the music’s message of peace and awakening.

Ananda Kumar

Inner gardener, yogi, meditator, healer and inner guide sharing life, wisdom, experiential retreats, trainings, and individual sessions.

Uria Tsur

Facilitator of workshops, ceremonies, and retreats which all touch the same essence: the opening of the Heart, expansion of Consciousness and remembering of the Global Community that we all are.


STEFFEN KI + TEAM: Sound Alchemy – Healing Music Creation

“Sound Alchemy” is a workshop led by four extremely talented creators of music that heals, guide and unites people all over the World!

VOCAL FREEDOM with Uria Tsur 2024

3-days workshop with Uria Tsur.

Zola Dubnikova: Return to Ecstasy – Awakening the Divine Feminine

This is a weekend journey in feminine energy with movement medicine, pelvic activation, healing practice and sound alchemy.

Lemon and Soul

Their music has the feel of electronic music, most of it is recorded and performed with live instruments, and LOTS of vocals!

MANiFEST Men Gathering in space of Love, Acceptance and Joy!

A gathering of those who want to grow in 💚!

Vocal Freedom with Uria Tsur

It’s hard to believe that today it’s been almost 2 weeks since the start of VOCAL FREEDOM with URIA TSUR by!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


We are here to emphasise the need of looking after the Soil.
Taking care of our Mother Earth. We would like to share our own experience in running organic farm which specialise in Ancient Grain and self production of super healthy products.