Ananda Kumar

“Love and Awareness are two wings of the bird to fly in the open sky of Life.”

Ananda Kumar

“Love and Awareness are two wings of
the bird to fly in the open sky of Life.”

Ananda is a inner gardener, yogi, meditator, healer and inner guide sharing life, wisdom, experiential retreats, trainings, and individual sessions across Asia & Europe. He feels awareness & love are the master keys to living wholesome. 

His sharing is based on 30 years of deep experiences with Yoga, Tantra, Psychology, Inner Science, ancient and modern healing tools. He is professionally trained and awarded international certificates in various forms of healing through the body, mind, emotions and energy.

More than a decade ago, left his early life as Computer Software Architect with Masters degree in Computers for simple living. Currently he is setting up an organic farm of fruits & herbs in the healing forest of Kodaikanal mountain, called the center of wholeness “Ananda Vanam” (Forest of Bliss).

years of sharing healing sessions

Experience supported by certificates in areas such as of healing tools including Ayurveda, Varma, Reiki, Pranic Healing, NLP, NVC, Watsu, Aqua wellness, Liquid Flow, Awareness through the body, Reflexology & Rebalancing.

years of sharing retreats and training

The most popular events hosted by Ananda in India, Vietnam and Europe are transformative courses – Self-awareness and Love, Prana Yoga, Tantra Alchemy and healing training – Holistic Restoration of Balance.

Upcoming events:


Therapist-Healer trainig

26 May – 1 June 2024, Uzdrowisko Siebie Blisko, Poland


– details soon –

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