3-days workshop with Uria Tsur

Uria Tsur vocal freedom
Let’s celebrate the healing power of music again!
Last year’s edition of the workshops exceeded many of our expectations. So we want to share further and provide you with these beautiful, strong and unforgettable experiences.

VOCAL FREEDOM with Urią Tsur
3-days workshop

Warsaw, 18-20 October 2024r
ℹ info@HolyStick.org

What we will experience?

໑ Vocal freedom & Improvisation
໑ Holding Space & Handeling Stage Fright
໑ The ceremonial nature of the human gathering
Get a taste from the workshop in Mexico:
🎥 Authentic presence: https://youtu.be/xTliwFTO3YE
🎥 Working through stage fright: https://youtu.be/CdAxyDfY-BI
🎥 Have fun and improvise: https://youtu.be/Z8xDwfh2fi0
🎥 Collective consciousness: https://youtu.be/7nBpLZvd9d8
We invite you to become part of a new singing community in which we express our vocal freedom and heal through our voices.
In the workshop, Uria Tsur, musician and since more than 10 years & space holder of ceremonies and singing circles, will give us the formula and the beat for this new singing circle design, which will then continue in more and more places around the world.


Music is our instrument, yet the center of our attention is the powerful portal in every human gathering…
this door to synergy of consciousness, to unity and towards mutual elevation.
To be that person, holding space for such a portal, is the art that I am inviting you to learn together, with compassion, humility and a sense of service.
Together we will dive deeper and deeper into the harmonious hall of playful music, to meet our unique frequency of medicine – and SHINE!


16:00 – 21:00
-Come as you are-

Group session, including one hour break
On friday we will meet ourselves as we are, tap into the collective field and learn how to pull deeper information about our inner world through the mutual and collective presence, and of course – sing and improvise.
9:00 – 16:00
-In a royal manner-
Group session, including one hour break
Each and every one of us, has arrived into this life with unique gifts to share. The second day is an opportunity to awaken to more and more layers of our inner reality. We will sing, improvise and practice courage as we relax into the portal of self expression.
13:00 – 16:00
-Diving into the unknown-
Group session
We will bathe in this new frequency, this language that we have acquired in the past two days and dive deeper and deeper into its teachings.
At the end of this session, we will prepare the workshop space to host an epic singing circle, guided by Uria and empowered by the presence of the whole group.
(Public Event, for your friends and community)
18:00 Doors open for Music Temple event (participants invite friends)
18:30-22:00 – Singing Circle & Ecstatic Dance
From our experience, these workshops invoke a core group of people that are connected by the mutual desire to be in service to the collective and to spread a sense of communion on the journey of life. The Music Temple is a simple formula of harmonious goodness. An invitation to share the magic we have explored, and to initiate a traditional gathering that the group will be able to hold on a regular basis.


URIA TSUR – Visionary, Producer, SInger-Songwriter, teacher, brother, father, lover and dreamer. Producer of the Sacred Journey festival. Lead singer of Orot band- the singing circle experience. Founder of the school for singing circle leaders.
For more than ten years facilitator of workshops, ceremonies, and retreats which all touch the same essence: The opening of the heart, expansion of consciousness and remembering of the global community that we all are.


Workshop cost: 1150 zł / 3 days
Additional cost ex.: accommodation, food, transport – are not included.
Please fill an application form which is included below. You can find all information needed to make a deposit payment and book a place for you in the workshop.
HOLYSTICK are great people implementing a project that was initiated by Dawid Rygielski a few years ago. Its main goal is to create a space for teachers and artists who, in our opinion, share important values and the best quality. We want to expand and deepen the work of those who make this world better, providing their fruits to an increasingly wider audience.
Our initiative is also an invitation to cooperation – building a Team-Family in which there will be room not only for Teachers and Artists, but also for Healers and Farmers 🙂
We invite you to join us in radiant joy!
HolyStick Team
Dawid, Dorota & Chryscina