Vocal Freedom with Uria Tsur

It’s hard to believe that today it’s been almost 2 weeks since the start of VOCAL FREEDOM with URIA TSUR by Holystick.org! 😅


For many of us, this meeting is not only ongoing, but will also be alive for the next days, weeks, maybe months! Shared experience is a time that is difficult to put into words. There were so few of them. However, we want to share with the world the GRATITUDE that fills us! Thank you for all the gifts brought into the Space by each person present, manifested in abundant, beautiful diversity!

URIA TSUR – for inspiring us to demonstrate authenticity in being, among others. sufficient , trapped , brave , excited , shaky , soft , tired , curious This experience leads us to discover unimaginable reserves of power!

Magadalena Smolińska (Maji) – for creating a beautiful, spontaneously balanced center of our meeting, playing the guitar, singing in the energy of Mother Earth, supporting

Michał (Kuki) Ciastoń – for tasty, energetic rhythms during Ecstatic Dance, pampering and energizing conclusion to our 3-day meeting.

Alicja Strzałkowska – for translation into Polish

Grzegorz Kot – for his strength while building the Space, pleasantly welcoming participants with live music during the opening of the workshops, the opportunity to be part of the “Grze Kotnik & Daniel Moński” concert, as well as providing natural products wilczajagoda.love

Bożena Osmola, Magdalena Kołodziejczak, Margo Maguara, Piotr Bielski – for comprehensive support, aesthetic sensitivity, readiness to act, responsibility, improvisation and joy in creating OUR place.

Olga Czyżkiewicz and Ras Tafari Klameroots & Wiesław Światłobliwy – for spontaneous joining, trust and professional understanding of the photo&video space Looking forward!

Tomasz Domański – for intentional candles made of natural beeswax from his apiary

Ami – for the collections of natural elements that filled every corner of the studio, beautifying it.

Laura Monti – for healthy, delicious meals that warm our insides

EZOTERRA Shop – for lending meditation cushions and tableware and giving participants what is from Nature

Studio Mąka – for a place that for a moment became a nest for our tribe. For openness, kindness and professionalism in service

Sofi Zosia & MichalskaDesign.co – for last minute designs of information boards and their creative illustrations!

Andrew Kinsky & Paweł Paik – for equipping the studio with carpets that introduced a sense of coziness, warmth and comfort

Primordial Gods – for being with us!

Many thanks to those who support the Circle and are known for their public activities – to active Light Beings, including: Bea Zwolińska, Ananda Kumar, Malwina Stach, Freya Wolna, Marcel Bird Wieteska, Hanna Darmas, Loto Vazquez, Janka Jankiewicz, Muni Lion, Anna Sierpowska, Magdalena Pytkowska, Anna Sandra, as well as for other guests who joined the celebration during Music Temple…

EVERYONE – for a space filled to the max with presence, mindfulness and curiosity. For you, for us. For the Polish Tribe! For the fact that we can be TOGETHER.



HolyStick.org – for creating a convenient, safe, shared space. As organizers, we can boast of a list of things that allowed us to feel SATISFACTION, PRIDE and JOY, and were also INFORMATIVE for us. We will use all this information in the next opportunity to share with you the best possible quality!

Let the supportive motto of the workshops remain with us


which reminds us that we are part of something much bigger. Let the richness of self-experiencing fill us to the brim, so that in free flow we can pursue our paths in joy, lightness, trust and guidance. Shalom!

Dawid Rygielski and Dorota Radoro

& Holystick.org Team







We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to follow the HolyStick.org profile, where information about subsequent meetings with Uria Tsur and other unique Beings will appear as soon as possible.

Big thanks for being here on this Planet and to support Uria’s Super-duper-mission!

Tori Shmueli, Juli Fox, Joyleen Rao, Eyal Kuttner, Ori Bankhalter, Martini Bablini, Tiit Trofilmov – WE LOVE YA ALL!