About us: the Team

Dawid Rygielski

Numerology number 8

At the age of 17, out of love for music, I organised my first concert.

I felt that it is “something mine”, that it gives me great satisfaction, joy and the opportunity to associate with cool, creative people. Searching for my Path – I started to travel 10 years ago. Amazing journeys to India (I spent over 2 years there in total) caused, among others, I was blessed to learn Anapana, Vipassana, Yoga and … Holistic Rebalancing taught by my friend, Ananda Kumar (lots of gratitude to you, Ananda!).

Thanks to that experience I opened myself to healing energy

and have been working in this unique technique for five years now, also organising workshops – training. Hence the inspiration for HolyStick! 🙂 As Ananda says: “Holy is really “wholly”, i.e. “comprehensive”. And this is how we want to approach our activities: be attentive to every aspect of cooperation, co-creation, which in my opinion are based primarily on relationships. We want to take care of others and create good, strong, healthy connections! You are welcomed, we can be friends! 🙂

For me, integrity, wHOLYness, means: using all the blessings which Universe/God gives us!

I am  super passionate about ecological farming, I look after 15ha of beautiful land in North-East Poland where our main goal is to propagate the Ancient Grains (Einkorn and Emmer) and create self-sustainable lifestyle. I share  Holistic Rebalancing sessions with those who need it in various locations. And, my other “Holy Stick” is …camera! I used to work as a photographer and my passion for photography is still with me! 🙂


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Dorota Orlikowska

Manifesting Generator
Numerology number 8

A caring soul, a benefactress - it happened to hear that about myself 🙂

I like to listen to the needs of others and help in meeting them. The experience I gained as the hostess of the EZOTERRA house workshop center in Poland allows me to operate smoothly and comprehensively in the organisation and holding space for various teachers and types of events.

I value the implementation of the established vision, planning

and effective action, and yet I also find peace and new solutions in volatility. Every day I invite balance and harmony into my life to keep important spheres of my life in good condition. I share the power of touch in Holistic Rebalancing massage and full of presence and mindfulness tantric massage.

I love to laugh, dance and experience the beauty of nature.

Magda Kołodziejczak

Numerology number 9

I am a masseuse, passionate about movement, touch and the shamanic nature of the world.

A mother who loves life even when it doesn’t go the way I want it to. For long time I have been following a fascinating path of experience self, consciousness. During several years of work in international corporations I learned communication, organisation of events, understanding many perspectives.

Thanks that that I know how important it is to listen and to respond to the needs of another person.