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HolyStick is the Team of friends who wants to create Magic, beautiful things in this Reality! 🙂


„It came to me some time ago to connect all my passions and activities into one: organic farming, love to music, creating space for teachers and practicing healing technic Holistic Rebalancing.

All of these brings me happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction.

So I choose to invite it all and share it with others.


That is why HolyStick is been created.

We established Team, believing synergy is powerful and needed for all of us!

Read more at…. https://holystick.org/about-us/

Our approach is that we are going to take care of others and create good, strong, healthy connections! Create beautiful space for teachers and they work. It all together can help to support taking care of Mother Earth by promoting organic farming – the model I follow for last 7 years with sucesful results!

I invest my time, energy and resources into projects which promote „looking after Soil”. I look after 15 hectars of beautiful land in North-East Poland where our main goal is to propagate the Ancient Grains: Einkorn and Emmer. The vision is to create self-sustainable lifestyle on all necessary levels, meeting all needs of me and community. Now I am motivated to create another farm, in other part of Poland.

You can check fb pages if you would like to find out more:


Masaz Holistyczny




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